Friday, September 14, 2007

AOM performs at Open Space / Audio Space in Victoria - Canada on saturday 15th of september 2007

35th Anniversary and Annual General Meeting Saturday

September 15 2004, 2pm Open Space 510 Fort Street, Victoria, BCJoin us at the Annual General Meeting on Saturday September 15, 2007 at 2pm. At this special AGM (we also celebrate Open Space's 35th birthday) we review the financial statements, report on the past years programming and operations, and discuss special initiatives.

2:00 pm: AGM
3:00 pm: Break
3:15 pm Second Life virtual landscape, intro by avatar Tran Spire (Doug Jarvis)
3:20 pm Avatar Orchestra Metaverse performance and talk on Second Life. The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse (AOM) will be performing Miulew’s Audiospace work Rue Blanche (liten to all AudioSpace submissions here) as well as two additional pieces from the AOM repertoire as part of the re-launch of Audiospace. This live SL performance will be projected onto a screen at OS for audience viewing. This will include an introduction to the AOM and its virtual instruments by Miuliew Takahe and the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse
3:45 pm Audiospace showcase featuring Chantal Dumas' work, conference via Skype with Audiospace artists and via Second Life with Miulew, Wirxli and other Avatar Orchestra Metaverse members) and technology permits4:15 pm Open Space web launch with Jim Olson (TBC) and Ross Macaulay
4:30 pm Archive exhibit tour with Colleen Sanders, Blair Taylor and Ross Macaulay
4:45 pm Birthday celebrations: introductions to former directors (Konrad), tenant Hideko (if available), cake, snacks. Pulp mortgage to celebrate our debt holiday.

ORCHESTRAL INVESTIGATIONS OF SECOND LIFE by Avatar Orchestra Metaverse at Urban Interface | Oslo

AOM will be performing on saturday the 15th september on Urban Interface Oslo sometime between 14:45 and 16:00 CET.
To play live within Second Life means to play in a spatial sound environment. As a listener to inworld performance you will hear the music according to where you place yourself with respect to the performers, the performer close to you you hear better than you do the perfomer further away. This audience experience is essential to the performances of Avatar Orchestra Metaverse.At the Open Forum, Avatar Orchestra Metaverse will play live “Fragula” by Miulew Takahe. The instruments are by Bingo Onomatopoeia. The project will be presented by Leif Inge.
urban interface is both exhibition and artistic/curatorial research project exploring the interspaces between public and private urban space. In 2007 urban interface takes place in two European cities, Berlin and Oslo.The project deals with the changing notion of private and public space that occurs partly due to the everyday use of new technology.
In Oslo, urban interface includes a two-day international conference entitled ‘The Porous City: Art claiming the urban void’.urban interface is a project by Susanne Jaschko.

The Long Nights of Avatar Orchestra Metaverse - performances during august -07.

Long time no bloggings . . . . well it is lot's of things to catch up now which just makes me exhausted to "post-blog" about so I will here only mention those gigs and performances we did the latest weeks and also I warmly recommend Wirxli Flimflams great bloggings on AOM whereabouts in Chicago, Regensburg and Berlin.
So briefly here what we did on these long nights in late august. On friday the 24th of august we did the SLCC conference preformance. Here we ran the AOM classics.

Then day after we played forst at art.xxXtenxion happenings in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany. Here we first played in the virtual Leerer Beutel for later transporting us and audiences to virtual Haidplatz where we once again did the master piece by Wirxli Flimflam, the Slippery Slope, now with even more slippery slopes by one of AOM's main architects Dethomas Dibou. Later same evening we did play twice at the kontrastorchester happenings at Kulturforum in Berlin, Germany. In
All of these three performance was mixed reality performance in the sense that AOM was presented to a RL audience with video projectors on the wall in parallell with us also having a virtual audience listening to us at the different SL rooms. . The Regensburg and Berlin sets also included real life navigators steering their avatars visible for real life audience coming to both Leerer Beutel in Regensburg and at Kulturforum in Berlin. At the Regensburger sets there were 4 navigators steering their avatars. The avatars steered was Paco Mariani, Maxxo Klaar, Jori Tokyo and Miulew Takahe. At the Berlin sets there where Bingo Onomatopoeia, Gumnosophistai Nurmi and AOMs founder Maximillian Makamura being navigated by their supreme beings. Here will soon be posted some photos from these events.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

New videos and blog posts from PgUp are up!

PgUp days turned out to be two wonderful days of really great stayaround with old and new friends and occasionaly visitors. So many wonderful things happened during the mixed reality events that spinster Voom so succesfully curated in London at the Notice Gallery and at virtual Haidplatz at Odyssey island at Second Life. Both inWorld audiences and londoners seemed to have a really good time.

So . . here is some of the videos you must take a look at...
On the the thursday PgUp day of 28th june Evo Szuyuan was shooting around all the virtual Haidplatz and captured all of the AOM pieces starting with the now shorter version of Rue Blanche, then the wonderful public premiere of FADHEIT, the improvised Vickys Remix and finally the ever so wondrous Wee.No.Kresh (look at those marvellous dances going on and the lovely change of perspectives)

On the saturday the documentation team at first had some problems until DannyDarko Raymaker showed up with his camera. With the addition of some documetary MR sounds from Miulew Takahe this at last made it possible for Wirxli Flimflam to put together a video with sounds from the first piece we did on saturday 30th june PgUp day - the now so much talked about premiere of SLippery SLope. This piece is a very special one as it is both a very location specific yet also very open and organic piece written by Wirxli for AOM and a handpicked trio of swedish musicians playing as classicists (junivers Stockholm from SL Art Ensemble, Way Sands and Jannne Janus. More videos and sounds from PgUp will be blogged, youtubed, podcasted in a foreseeable future. Among them the other new piece we did this day, the Fragula v.0.1.

Okay, two day happenings like this brings very much info and media material to collect and until all is up i want to send big kudos to all of the Pages Exhibition/PgUp people for curating, blogging and fixing so fine, the Pomodoro Bolzano media art group for building the virtual Haidplatz (JORI Tokyo) and the SLippery SLopes (Dethomas Dibou), Maximillian Nakamura for starting such a marvellous orchestra, Bingo Onomatopoeia for building fantastic instruments and last but not the least the Odyssey people with Sugar Seville as curating muse having us all here.

Read the blogposts of spinster Voom and Wirxli Flimflam on the PgUp days. I am sure all things aren't yet said so i don't link to any specific blogpost, just scroll down and choose what to read. It is so much up so you can easily spend some hour(s) on reading all stuff. So next - time - don't just read about it in the blogs - be there instead!
Yours, Miulew Takahe

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

PgUp performances on 28th and 30th june!

Two performances coming up on 28th june and at 30th june. This will happen at the PgUp days that are organized by Annie Spinster (spinster Voom in SL). These are fundraising events for the coming exhibitions of Pages in fall. Except AOM there will be performances by Fau Ferdinand, Wirxli Flimflam & Fwwixli Swindlehurst and an installation by Douglas Story. All this will be happening at Notice Gallery in London at at Virtual Haidplatz (the pomodori build of J0RI Tokyo) on Odyssey island. Some new music and also we do some old classics, among these the FADHEIT by Maximillian Nakamura on thursday and also the premiere of two new pieces on saturday. SLippery SLope by Wirxli Flimflam (with really slippery slopes built by DeThomas Dibou) and a new short piece Fragula by Miulew Takahe (and no, the title are not referring to the mysterious Count Fragula even though it might appear so).

Sunday, June 17, 2007

AOM videos

Here is a link to some of the AOM videos.

Dorkbot/SL talks on AOM on the 17th june

Miulew Takahe and Bingo Onomatopoeia will be talking on AOM on the third Dorkbot/SL meeting in Odyssey on sunday 17th june. If you read this to late, we will try to include the chat transcript later. The meetings start at 1 pm SLT will be sound artist Adam Ramona.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

AOM Group @ Odyssey Ning

Just a short note that there is now also a group forum over at Sugar Sevilles newly started Odyssey Ning Community site. Here you will have the possibility to chime in on discussions, make suggestions, drop questions aswell as getting the very, very latest news about AOM. Join! (if you haven't heard about Ning, you can describe it a bit like Facebook, but a more creative and open concept.)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

AOM photo sessions

Just realizing that there is a flood of pictures of AOM so for those of you that want more pictures take a look at these sets:
Sugar Sevilles AOM set (incl. 12th may 2007 premieres)
Loops set of PB @ SL
JORI Tokyos set
Bingo Onomatopoeias AOM set

more to be added soon...

AOM @ xxXtenxion 12th may video

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse

Short video shoot of the happenings of 12th may 2007 at virtual Haidplatz. This is from the premiere performance of Rue Blanche. Camera: Sugar Seville.

Also do check out the newly web domain/Ning community for art happenings at Odyssey -

Saturday, May 19, 2007

AOM performs @ Spirit Fens Art Festival

On the 19th of may AOM performs at Spirit Fens Art Festival at 4pm (SLT). The competition and performance takes place at Enniv Zarvs SintixErr gallery. For more of Enniv's works take a look at Krystal Epic.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

AOM logo and more happenings on the 19th may

On saturday the 19th at 4pm (SLT) there will be another performance with AOM. Now this is taking place at Enniv Zarvs galleries and there is sculpture and visaul arts contests going on. Actually we're going to play during the jury talks. Anyway Enniv addressed the question if AOM has a logo - and the answer was of course no, as this thought not yet had entered our minds. So Enniv was working fast and came up with a the logo as seen here.

If you need some logos being made you can always talk with Enniv on these things. SLurl to his office:

EZ Logo & Design!

We specialize in Custom Logo and Design. We can provide you with all your graphical needs to brand and make your Second Life Business a success. We can even provide you a business advertising package through our SL & RL affiliates. Come check out our work in our office inside the SLReport Building in Sognefjord.

Enniv Zarf,
CEO - EZ Logo & Design

Soundroom @ xxXtenxion 12th may

So the SL/RL happening with AOM at virtual Haidplatz of the 12th of may 2007 went very well - even though there were a major gridquake in the middle of our performance just after we had started Wee.No.Kresh. The playing was done in collaboration with Ljudrum project (=Soundroom) in Eskilstuna/Sweden - Mälardalens Högskola and the artist group of Regensburg/Germany called Pomodoro Bolzano. There were two premiere pieces played, the first being Rue Blanche by Miulew Takahe and the other one named Wee.No.Kresh by Bingo Onomatopoeia who also makes many of AOM's inWorld instruments like for instance the Onomatophone and Aviophone. The main theme for all happening was "found sounds" inspired by Rinus van Alebeek that was invited to make a soundroom in RL in Eskilstuna. He is running the great Das Kleines Field Recording Festival in Berlin (Check it out!). Some sounds of Rinus was also heard before pieces and in between the two premieres. Also sounds from Regensburgs real installment of containers at Haidplatz square for the ongoing Mobility art project among lots of other sounds where played during the performance. Summing it up afterwards - there is not so much more to say than - we really rocked the sim!
Check out other blogposts from Maximillian Nakamura (AOM founder) and Wixli Flimflam's reporting from the event... and don't miss the audio from this and other AOM happenings and rehearsals. There is also later coming up a video of this. The total sounds of the RL event will soon be uploaded at this latter podcast service. On the RL happening Björn Eriksson and the Mälardalen staff was coordinating the audio streams from 4 second life clients, one in every corner. These were fed into a 8 channel surround system in the big computer hall of Eskilstuna University. Video beamers on two of the opposite walls also amuzed the small but enthuastic audience. The sounds were really great and swirled around in true surround. In the recording of the RL happening you might get a slight feel of how it sounded with all real world commentarys, laughter and more.

from left to right: Rinus, Jennie, Camilla and Björn

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

AOM blog started

photo by Wirxli Flimflam
This is the new blog for The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse (AOM) of Second Life. Here you will find different information on up and coming performances and information about what is going on, like new pieces, performances, instruments and much more. If you are a member of this special orchestra just mail me at miulew at gmail dot com to receive blogger status so you can blog yourself about what is going on from your horizon.

AOM is an international orchestra with members from Switzerland, Italia, Germany, Sweden, USA, Canada and has only existed since beginning of year 2007. AOM was started on the initiative of Maximillian Nakamura. Now in late april 2007 AOM has so far performed twice with the first piece played in middle march called Vicky's Mosquitos #13 and some weeks later the piece FADHEIT by Maximillian.

If you are interested in playing with us in the virtual worlds of Second Life, dont hesitate to contact some of us inWorld. (IM or notecard or use mail address above).

/Miulew Takahe