Thursday, November 14, 2013

3Bears Arts Show presents AOM

November 19, 2013 at 1 PM SLT

Odyssey Performance and Art Simulator

The 3Bears Foundation For the Interactive Arts exists "to encourage the creation of high-quality art and design, specifically those which interact in some way with the avatars within Second Life."


FRAGULA    (2007)
Composed by Björn Eriksson (aka Miulew Takahe), Sollefteå, Sweden
Instruments an Animations by Andreas Müller (aka Bingo Onomatopoeia), Regensburg, Germany

One of the major ideas about this piece is to have the orchestra to wander from a fragile and fragmented digital synthesized sound texture into a more analog acoustic and not so fragmented sound texture, and then come back to where it all started. This is aurally symbolized in the granulated synthesized sounds of sine waves, square waves and sawtooth shaped sounds.

2 JOHN   (2010)
Composed by Viv Corringham (aka Zonzo Spyker), Minneapolis, USA / London, UK
Instruments and Animations by Norman Lowrey (aka North Zipper), New Jersey, USA

2 John uses fast and slow time scales simultaneously. At the start of the piece we are breathing as slowly as we can and playing sounds -or "scribbling"- as fast as we can. It is dedicated to the late British improviser John Stevens, who wrote a piece "2 Albert" that uses the term "scribbling" for very fast improvising without knowing what sounds you're going to make.

Composed by Andreas Müller (aka Bingo Onomatopoeia), Regensburg, Germany
Instruments and Animations by Andreas Müller (aka Bingo Onomatopoeia), Regensburg, Germany)

This piece uses only samples generated by circuit-bent instrument and homemade oscillators.
Thus, these sounds cannot be assigned to a definite pitch or scale, they seem aleatoric at first glance.
But upon a closer look at the technology of their electronic generation, one quickly realizes that they are not at all: they are created by unambiguous laws of digital logic, following simple yes/no decisions.

Set design by Frieda Kuterna (aka Frieda Korda), Antwerp, Belgium


Miulew Takahe, aka Björn Eriksson (Sollefteå, Sweden)
Zonzo Spyker, aka Viv Corringham (Minneapolis, USA / London, UK)
Humming Pera, aka Tina M. Pearson (Victoria, BC Canada)
Maxxo Klaar, aka Max D. Well (Regensburg, Germany)
Groucho Parx, aka Brenda Hutchinson (Brooklyn & San Francisco, USA)
Paco Mariani, aka Chris Wittkowsky (Regensburg, Germany)
BlaiseDeLaFrance Voom, aka Biago Francia (Agropoli, Italy)
Cajska Carlsson, aka Simon Jones (Liverpool, UK)
Frieda Korda, aka Frieda Kuterna (Antwerp, Belgium)


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Deep Listening in Cyberspace

On July 12, 2013, the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse presented a workshop and performance at the First International Deep Listening Art / Science Conference at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Centre (EMPAC) in Troy, New York.

It was an honour to be part of this astonishing gathering of listeners, thinkers, educators, researchers and artists. This was a particularly exciting event for the six AOM members who were at the conference, many meeting in person for the first time. Bjorn Eriksson traveled to Troy from Sweden; Tina Pearson from Victoria, Canada; Brenda Hutchinson and Viv Corringham from New York, Norman Lowrey from New Jersey and Pauline Oliveros came from her nearby home in Kingston, New York.


Wish You Were Here by Brenda Hutchinson

Breathing with PwRHmby Tina Pearson

In Whirled Trance Formations by Norman Lowrey
with live performance of Singing Masks by Norman Lowrey

Interactions - Questions with Audience

Set design and construction by Frieda Kuterna and Norman Lowrey
Instruments built by Andreas Mueller and Norman Lowrey
Animations by Tim Risher and Norman Lowrey
Second Life site: Odyssey Art and Performance Simulator
Thanks to Liz Solo

AOM - Wish You Were Here. Set by Frieda Kuterna


BlaiseDeLaFrance Voom, aka Biagio Francia (Agropoli, Italy) 
Cajska Carlsson, aka Simon Jones (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Frieda Korda, aka Frieda Kuterna (Regensburg, Germany)
Groucho Parx, aka Brenda Hutchinson (Brooklyn & San Francisco, USA) - onsite
Humming Pera, aka Tina M. Pearson (Victoria, BC, Canada) - onsite
Maxxo Klaar, aka Max D. Well (Regensburg, Germany) 
Miulew Takahe, aka Björn Eriksson (Sollefteå, Sweden) - onsite
North Zipper, aka Norman Lowrey (New Jersey, USA) - onsite
Paco Mariani, aka Chris Wittkowsky (Regensburg, Germany)
Zonzo Spyker, aka Viv Corringham (Minneapolis, MN, USA / London, UK) - onsite

Brenda Hutchinson, Norman Lowrey, Viv Corringham, Bjorn Eriksson, Tina Pearson
at EMPAC with Second Life screen in background, preparing for performance.

Monday, June 3, 2013

AOM Benefit for Odyssey June 14, 2013

AOM presents

A Benefit for Odyssey

Friday June 14, 12 noon SLT

Odyssey Art and Performance Simulator has housed a remarkable array of artists who are pushing the edges of art and identity in the virtual world Second Life.

The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse began at Odyssey in 2007, and is rehearsing there now in preparation for its July 2013 performance at the first annual Deep Listening Art and Science Conference in Troy, New York.

Odyssey is funded by the artists who use it, and is voluntarily managed currently by artist Liz Solo. AOM is excited to host this event to help raise funds for Odyssey's continued existence, to thank Liz and previous managers (Sugar Seville and Fau Ferdinand) and to reflect on our shared time in Second Life together .

We invite you to immerse yourself with AOM
Friday June 14, 12 noon SLT
at Odyssey ... 

... where you will be greeted individually, serenaded by the ethereal tones of AOM voices and instruments and invited to join us ...

... lounging, breathing, sounding, and bouncing around with flying fruit, giant chickens and other fantastic creations designed by AOM set builder Frieda Kuterna aka Frieda Korda. In exchange for donations to Odyssey, you will receive a unique AOM instrument conceived by vocalist-sound artist Viv Corringham aka Zonzo Spyker and built by AOM luthier extraordinaire Norman Lowrey aka North Zipper.

See you there!