Saturday, May 19, 2007

AOM performs @ Spirit Fens Art Festival

On the 19th of may AOM performs at Spirit Fens Art Festival at 4pm (SLT). The competition and performance takes place at Enniv Zarvs SintixErr gallery. For more of Enniv's works take a look at Krystal Epic.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

AOM logo and more happenings on the 19th may

On saturday the 19th at 4pm (SLT) there will be another performance with AOM. Now this is taking place at Enniv Zarvs galleries and there is sculpture and visaul arts contests going on. Actually we're going to play during the jury talks. Anyway Enniv addressed the question if AOM has a logo - and the answer was of course no, as this thought not yet had entered our minds. So Enniv was working fast and came up with a the logo as seen here.

If you need some logos being made you can always talk with Enniv on these things. SLurl to his office:

EZ Logo & Design!

We specialize in Custom Logo and Design. We can provide you with all your graphical needs to brand and make your Second Life Business a success. We can even provide you a business advertising package through our SL & RL affiliates. Come check out our work in our office inside the SLReport Building in Sognefjord.

Enniv Zarf,
CEO - EZ Logo & Design

Soundroom @ xxXtenxion 12th may

So the SL/RL happening with AOM at virtual Haidplatz of the 12th of may 2007 went very well - even though there were a major gridquake in the middle of our performance just after we had started Wee.No.Kresh. The playing was done in collaboration with Ljudrum project (=Soundroom) in Eskilstuna/Sweden - Mälardalens Högskola and the artist group of Regensburg/Germany called Pomodoro Bolzano. There were two premiere pieces played, the first being Rue Blanche by Miulew Takahe and the other one named Wee.No.Kresh by Bingo Onomatopoeia who also makes many of AOM's inWorld instruments like for instance the Onomatophone and Aviophone. The main theme for all happening was "found sounds" inspired by Rinus van Alebeek that was invited to make a soundroom in RL in Eskilstuna. He is running the great Das Kleines Field Recording Festival in Berlin (Check it out!). Some sounds of Rinus was also heard before pieces and in between the two premieres. Also sounds from Regensburgs real installment of containers at Haidplatz square for the ongoing Mobility art project among lots of other sounds where played during the performance. Summing it up afterwards - there is not so much more to say than - we really rocked the sim!
Check out other blogposts from Maximillian Nakamura (AOM founder) and Wixli Flimflam's reporting from the event... and don't miss the audio from this and other AOM happenings and rehearsals. There is also later coming up a video of this. The total sounds of the RL event will soon be uploaded at this latter podcast service. On the RL happening Björn Eriksson and the Mälardalen staff was coordinating the audio streams from 4 second life clients, one in every corner. These were fed into a 8 channel surround system in the big computer hall of Eskilstuna University. Video beamers on two of the opposite walls also amuzed the small but enthuastic audience. The sounds were really great and swirled around in true surround. In the recording of the RL happening you might get a slight feel of how it sounded with all real world commentarys, laughter and more.

from left to right: Rinus, Jennie, Camilla and Björn