Thursday, March 15, 2018

AOM performs at
La Casa Encidida in Madrid, Spain

March 3, 2018

The Avatar Orchestra performed during a networked performance extravaganza at La Casa Encidida in Madrid, Spain. Hosted by AOM member Gema FB Martin, the performance afforded audience members a chance to experience the virtual set, sights and sounds directly through one of our generic extra avatars, which was connected to a computer with very large monitor, and 10 extra sets of headphones for additional listening by others. (See pre-performance set up below).

From the program:
"A day in the life of the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse: Meeting in a networked virtual world as avatars, AOM members design and play new otherworldly virtual instruments while experimenting with identity, perception, telepathy and collectivity. They present the sounds, images and movements from a few of their repertoire works, using custom-designed instruments that determine movement, audio emissions, and the release of particles and textures that give visual indications of sounds made independently by individual players in real time. Combined with their unusual sets and scripted objects, gestures and machines available in Second Life, they create a rich and wildly varying otherworldy experience, perceived in a unique way by each visiting avatar."

Performers for the event:
Cuirec d'Erc (Harald Muenz, Cologne); FredMadison (Gema FB Martín, Spain); Frieda Korda (Frieda Kuterna, Belgium); Groucho Parx (Brenda Hutchinson, USA); Gumnosophistai Nurmi (Leif Inge, Norway); Humming Pera (Tina M Pearson, Canada); Maxxo Klaar (Max D. Well, Germany); Miulew Takahe (Björn Eriksson, Sweden); North Zipper (Norman Lowrey, USA); Paco Mariani (Chris Wittkowsky, Germany); Zonzo Spyker (Viv Corringham, USA).

In addition to AOM members' avatars engaging with the stream of audience members who used the guest avatar, AOM performed variations on pieces from its repertoire:

In Whirled (Trance)formations by Norman Lowrey (Madison, USA)
Fragula by Bjorn Eriksson (Solleftea, Sweden)
Breathing with PwRHm by Tina Pearson (Victoria, Canada)
Helicoptering with PwRHm by Leif Inge (Oslo, Norway) & Tina Pearson (Victoria, Canada)
2John by Viv Corringham (New York, USA / London, UK)

with creations by Harald Muenz, Frieda Kuterna, Leif Inge, and instruments by Andreas Mueller, Norman Lowrey and animations by Tim Rischer, Andreas Mueller and Norman Lowrey.