Saturday, October 28, 2017

Avatar Orchestra at Posthuman Corporealities

November 27, 2014, Lisboa, Portugal


Ambient Aomprovisation
With the Fadheit and Pleides HUDs, Second Life gesture sounds, bird sounds and electronic squeaks and Animation HUD In InThisFarNow Animation (made by Norman Lowrey) 
And using the Gazira Babeli gesture sculpture "Come Together

Composition and sounds by Bjorn Eriksson, HUD and animations built by Andreas Mueller

Composition and sounds by Tina Pearson. HUD built by Andreas Mueller. Animation HUD built by Tim Risher.

PwRHm with COPTER Interlude
Composition by Tina Pearson and Leif Inge
Animation HUD built by Norman Lowrey

In Whirled (Trance)formations
Composition and sounds by Norman Lowrey based on his Singing Masks.
All masks, HUDS, animations and set elements built by Norman Lowrey.

Instrument, HUD and Sampanophone animation by Norman Lowrey
All Over animation by Fau Ferdinand