Monday, April 2, 2012

Avatar Orchestra at Locus Sonus March 24, 2012

The Avatar Orchestra performed a live AOMprovisation at the recent Locus Sonus Symposium #7 in Nantes, France, organized by Locus Sonus Director Jerome Joy. The Symposium's theme was Internet Auditoriums:

This symposium will focus on auditoriums, their interrelations and influences within a technological framework and from the point of view of artistic assimilation and reception. Our intention is to clarify both current and past issues, which up until now have possibly been considered from a unique viewpoint. Thus, this reflexion convokes various domains: sound anthropology, sociology of communication, history and geography of sound spaces, acoustics, architecture, musicology, radiophonic studies, art history, aesthetics, philosophy, etc. And of course, artistic and musical creativity. (from the Symposium description)

AOM member Pauline Oliveros was a key guest presenter and performer at the Symposium, and was the onsite "conduit" between AOM, Locus Sonus and the audience.

AOM members performed in real time with a collection of virtual audio-visual instruments designed by its members. The instruments included giant pianos, particle emitting sine tone globes, delicately crafted Singing Masks, flying Fragulas, glitch-based exoskeletons triggering enormous biology experiment shapes and many others.

Performing in Second Life from around the globe:

Viv Corringham / Zonzo Spyker, USA/UK
Björn Eriksson / Miulew Takahe,  Sweden
Biagio Francia / Blaise de la France,  Italy
Brenda Hutchinson / Groucho Parx, USA
Leif Inge / Gumnosophistai Nurmi, Norway
Frieda Kuterna / Frieda Korda,  Belgium
Norman Lowrey / North Zipper, USA
Andreas Müller / Bingo Onomatopoeia, Germany
Pauline Oliveros / Free Noyes, USA
Seidi Palonen/ Saara Edring, Finland
Tina Pearson / Humming Pera, Canada
Tim Risher /  Flivelwitz Alsop, USA
Liz Solo / Lizsolo Mathilde Canada
Max D. Well / Maxxo Klaar,  Germany
Chris Wittkowsky / Paco Mariani,  Germany

Audio recording here.