Wednesday, July 4, 2007

New videos and blog posts from PgUp are up!

PgUp days turned out to be two wonderful days of really great stayaround with old and new friends and occasionaly visitors. So many wonderful things happened during the mixed reality events that spinster Voom so succesfully curated in London at the Notice Gallery and at virtual Haidplatz at Odyssey island at Second Life. Both inWorld audiences and londoners seemed to have a really good time.

So . . here is some of the videos you must take a look at...
On the the thursday PgUp day of 28th june Evo Szuyuan was shooting around all the virtual Haidplatz and captured all of the AOM pieces starting with the now shorter version of Rue Blanche, then the wonderful public premiere of FADHEIT, the improvised Vickys Remix and finally the ever so wondrous Wee.No.Kresh (look at those marvellous dances going on and the lovely change of perspectives)

On the saturday the documentation team at first had some problems until DannyDarko Raymaker showed up with his camera. With the addition of some documetary MR sounds from Miulew Takahe this at last made it possible for Wirxli Flimflam to put together a video with sounds from the first piece we did on saturday 30th june PgUp day - the now so much talked about premiere of SLippery SLope. This piece is a very special one as it is both a very location specific yet also very open and organic piece written by Wirxli for AOM and a handpicked trio of swedish musicians playing as classicists (junivers Stockholm from SL Art Ensemble, Way Sands and Jannne Janus. More videos and sounds from PgUp will be blogged, youtubed, podcasted in a foreseeable future. Among them the other new piece we did this day, the Fragula v.0.1.

Okay, two day happenings like this brings very much info and media material to collect and until all is up i want to send big kudos to all of the Pages Exhibition/PgUp people for curating, blogging and fixing so fine, the Pomodoro Bolzano media art group for building the virtual Haidplatz (JORI Tokyo) and the SLippery SLopes (Dethomas Dibou), Maximillian Nakamura for starting such a marvellous orchestra, Bingo Onomatopoeia for building fantastic instruments and last but not the least the Odyssey people with Sugar Seville as curating muse having us all here.

Read the blogposts of spinster Voom and Wirxli Flimflam on the PgUp days. I am sure all things aren't yet said so i don't link to any specific blogpost, just scroll down and choose what to read. It is so much up so you can easily spend some hour(s) on reading all stuff. So next - time - don't just read about it in the blogs - be there instead!
Yours, Miulew Takahe