The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse is a global collaboration of composers, artists and musicians that approaches the virtual reality platform Second Life as an instrument itself. The Orchestra conceives, designs and builds its own virtual instruments, making it possible for each individual performer in the Orchestra to trigger sounds independent from one another and to play together in real time. These instruments feature sound, visuals, and animations. A performance of a jumping, hovering, floating, dancing, and twirling Avatar Orchestra Metaverse is a truly spectacular event.

Avatar Orchestra performs regularly in Second Life and in mixed reality events at new media, music and visual arts centres in North America, Europe and Asia.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

AOM photo sessions

Just realizing that there is a flood of pictures of AOM so for those of you that want more pictures take a look at these sets:
Sugar Sevilles AOM set (incl. 12th may 2007 premieres)
Loops set of PB @ SL
JORI Tokyos set
Bingo Onomatopoeias AOM set

more to be added soon...

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