Saturday, June 28, 2008

AOM @ at Crosswire/NIMK Amsterdam opening 2nd july

Optofonica presents: From 03-07-2008 until 26-07-2008Aernoudt Jacobs (BE), Sagi Groner (IL/NL), Kaffe Matthews (UK), Telcosystems (NL) and TeZ + Janis Ponisch (IT/DE).The Amsterdam festival 5 days off kicks off with the opening of the exhibition “Optofonica presents: Crosswire – in search of the synesthetic effect” on Wednesday 2 July 08 at 18.30 hrs.During opening : 7:30 pm performance Avatar Metaverse Orchestra 8:30 pm Aernoudt Jacobs

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Video document of AOM performance (by Liz Solo)

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse performance June 20, 2008 at U21 Global in Second Life
Filmed by Liz Solo while she was performing.

Excerpts from:

Rue Blanche by Bjorn Eriksson / Miliew Takahe
instruments by Andreas Mueller / Bingo Onomatopoeia

Wee No Kresh by Andreas Mueller / Bingo Onomatopoeia 
instruments and animations by composer

PwRHm by Tina Pearson / Humming Pera
instruments by Andreas Mueller / Bingo Onomatopoeia
receivers and particle design by Sachiko Hayashi / Goodwind Seiling

Fragula by Bjorn Eriksson / Miliew Takahe
instruments and animations by Andreas Mueller / Bingo Onomatopoeia

Heart of Tones by Pauline Oliveros / Free Noyes
instruments, colours and animations by Andreas Mueller / Bingo Onomatopoeia

Monday, June 9, 2008

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse Performs June 20,

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse
Concert in Second Life

Friday, June 20, 2008, 8 AM SLT / 11 AM EDT / 1700 CET

Location: Second Life at U21Global

AOM's June 20 Second Life concert will include the second AOM performance of the beautiful work Heart of Tones (virtual reality version) by iconic American composer Pauline Oliveros (aka Free Noyes), the award-winning composition Rue Blanche by Swedish sound artist Bjorn Eriksson (aka Miulew Takahe), the dance-able Wee No Kresh by AOM instrument builder and German sound designer Andreas Mueller (aka Bingo Onomatopoeia), and PwrHm, a work by Canadian composer Tina Pearson (aka Humming Pera) with visuals by media artist Sachiko Hayachi (aka Goodwind Seiling) that was premiered by AOM at a mixed reality concert in New York city.

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse Performers, June 20, 2008

Bingo Onomatopoeia (Andreas Mueller), Regensburg, Germany
BlaiseDeLaFrance Voom (Biagio Francia), Agropoli, Italy
Fernsing Llewelyn (Cathy Lewis), Victoria, BC, Canada
Gumnosophistai Nurmi (Leif Inge), Oslo, Norway
Humming Pera (Tina Pearson), Victoria, BC, Canada
Ida Aabye (Nathalie Fougeras), Paris / Brussel
Lizsolo Mathilde (Liz Solo), St. John's, Nfld, Canada
Miulew Takahe (Bjorn Eriksson), Solleftea, Sweden
North Zipper (Norman Lowrey), Madison, NJ, USA
Paco Mariani (Chris Wittkowsky), Regensburg, Germany
Trombonejen Wigglesworth (Jen Baker), San Francisco, USA
Zonzo Spyker (Viv Corringham), Minneapolis, USA, London, UK

June 20 Concert Composers:
Pauline Oliveros (aka Free Noyes)
Bjorn Eriksson (aka Miulew Takahe)
Andreas Mueller (aka Bingo Onomatopoeia)
Tina Pearson (aka Humming Pera)