Aomprovisations [result always dated]
Aomprovisations should be about free instrumentation, collective conducting and playing. Aomprovisation is any attempt of the orchestra to improvise not based on only one piece for the repertoir. Aomprovisations can leads to more fixed pieces, and Pieces for Sites is a sort of aomprovisationderivation.

Aomprovisation 16 feb 2008 *****
improvised in AngryBeths Super-Colliders, an interactive sound installation with her Float Cube Sound Generators. Improvisation with a base in Rue sounds 

Aomprovisation 21 feb 2008 ** 
at Sine Wave Island. With a base in Riesenrad sounds and with Nnoizes crows, it had great potential, but lag screwed up
Piece for Site
A series of site-specific orchestral pieces with free instrumentation and generally scored, built on what a site and the orchestra can jointly do. The pieces can then afterwards be used outside of the original site, ignoring the original siterelated spesifications. Can be arranged by anybody in the orchestra.Working with Humm on an event initially thought of as an Aomprovisation, we definately end up with a scored event. Even if this is equally independent on piece specific instrumentation as is Aomprovisation, it is not collective conducting. Do excuse if all this gets a bit confusing...

4 Endings for Baghdad Streets 
(arrangers: Gumno and Humm) in progress
includes: 1st of 4 Endings..., 2nd of 4 Endings..., 3rd of 4 Endings.... (used @ nimk), 4th of 4 Endings....

We Swärmer for The Fairytale Forrest 
(arranger: Gumno)
executed first time september 08, with Erielle Clary's Enchanted Fairy Circle @ The Fairytale Forrest, Norgesbibilioteket.
Norths masks, Humms pwrhm, Blaise piano and individual sound contributions)
1. Orchestra stands, sit and / or walks around mushroom, all or almost all with a North mask. Chose one North mask to wear during the piece. One or few ready with Humms pwrhm solo / pwrhm non-solo sounds (For premiere: Bingo pwrhm solo)
2. Play masks. Sparse. Play Humms pwrhm solo and / or pwrhm non-solo sounds. Sparse.
3. Each by each enter flying animation of mushroom. This will start insect sounds.
4. Add other sounds that is fitting, but with careful listening. Please do have an idea of what will be fitting before playing it. All are recommended to test and play with sounds, yours, others, whatever. Leave space for environmental sounds. (For premiere: Leave space for the insect sounds. For premiere: Gumno used Vickys mosquito Click and Typing sound, A05 xana sound + own samples)
5. Add Blaise piano. At start very sparse. One or few playing. (For premiere: Blaise play, others can join but never dense playing.)
6. Leave flying stage one by one. Play less until none.
8. Only Blaise piano play until finishing.
Would it be interesting to buy Erielles mushroom in order to perfor this occationally at other venues?
Please ignore site specific features to this piece if performing this piece on other sims.