Avatar Orchestra Metaverse (AOM), formed in March, 2007, is a globally dispersed collective of composers, musicians and media artists working in the virtual online environment Second Life. AOM investigates and exposes new possibilities for developing audiovisual works that challenge conventional practices of creating, performing and listening to music.
With members spread over 3 continents, AOM explores the nuances of identity and the communicative possibilities that are opened through real time telematic connection within a virtual audiovisual environment. Within AOM, a new kind of listening is unfolded; inviting subtle yet powerful mind connections made audible within a rich and wildly varying sonic world. AOM’s 'instruments' are created within the Second Life environment, making it possible for each performer in the Orchestra to trigger sounds independent from one another and to play together in real time. These instruments feature sounds, visuals, and animations. A performance of a jumping, hovering, floating and twirling Avatar Orchestra Metaverse is a truly spectacular event.
AOM members are located in Europe, North America and Asia. Since its beginnings in early 2007, AOM has created and performed over 20 audiovisual works screened live at music and media events in France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Holland, Canada and the United States. Composers represented to date include Bjorn Eriksson (Sweden); Leif Inge (Norway); Andreas Mueller and Shintaro Miyazaki (Germany); Biagio Franca (Italy); Viv Corringham, Norman Lowrey, Pauline Oliveros and Tim Rischer (USA); and Tina Pearson, Erik Rzepka, Liz Solo and Jeremy Owen Turner (Canada). AOM has also collaborated with live musicians performing in mixed reality settings and within AOM pieces. These musicians include the ensemble Tinntinnabulate (Troy, USA), Franziska Schroeder (Belfast), Christine Duncan and Anne Bourne (Toronto) among others.

AOM 2009 core group L-R Flivel, Carolhyn, Bingo, Humming, Maxxo, Zonzo, North, Gumno, Blaise, Paco.
Missing from photo: Free, Liz, Goodwind. Photo by Max D Well

Curriculum Vitae


Live Performances:

2012 Celebrating Pauline, Drew University, Madison, New Jersey 
-Odyssey, Second Life
2012 Locus Sonus Symposium #7 Audio in Art, Nantes, France
-Odyssey, Second Life 
2012 International Society for Improvised Music Conference, William Paterson University, New Jersey
-Odyssey, Second Life

2012 Canadian New Music Network Forum, SFU Woodward's, Vancouver, BC
-Odyssey, Second Life
2010 New Adventures in Sound Art, Toronto, The Barns
- U21 Global, Second Life
2010 OCAD University, Toronto, Ontario
- RMIT Creative Media, Second Life
2010 Digital Resources for the Humanities and the Arts 2010, Brunel University, London
– RMIT Creative Media, Second Life
2010 Museo_Metaverso_Musica 
– Viareggio Art Project, Viareggio
– Museo del Metaverso, Second Life
2010 EduFinland, Second Life
2010 Gallery of Musical Sculptures, Second Life
2010 Sea Turtle Island, Second Life
2010 Electrosmog – International Festival for Sustainable Immobility, Schijnheilig, Amsterdam
2009 Media Playground, De Hoeksteen Live!, Salto 1 TV, Amsterdam
– Stads FM, Amsterdam
– NIMK – Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam
2009 ISIM — International Society for Improvised Music Fourth Annual Conference, Media Theater, University of California, Santa Cruz
2009 Atelier Alizarin, Second Life
2009 Marathon of Dreamers, Ione's 14th Annual Dream Festival, Deep Listening Space, Kingston
2009 3rd Annual Earthdance, Mystical Mastery, Second Life
2009 Gogbot Festival, Enschede
— Fernsehturm, Second Life 
2009 ISEA: The Exhibition (International Symposium on Electronic Art), Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast
— Kritical Works in Second Life, Second Life
2009 Ars in Ara, Ara Pacis, Roma
2009 Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University, Belfast 
2009 Institute of Santa Fe, Santa Fe
2009 Inhuman Resources, Alternator Gallery, Kelowna
2009 Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts 2009, The Whole Music Club, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
2008 Arena, Museo del Metaverso, Second Life
2008 ISIM — International Society for Improvised Music Third Annual Conference, Lamont School of Music, University of Denver
2008 Piksel 08, StudioUSF, Bergen
2008 Hamburger Klangwerktage 2008, Kampnagel, Hamburg
2008 EMPAC — Experimental Media & Peforming Arts Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy
2008 Edges Festival of Media Art, Victoria
2008 Vestfold Fylkesbibliotek, Tønsberg
— Nasjonalbiblioteket, Oslo
— Larvik Bibliotek, Larvik
— Re Videregående Skole, Ramnes
— Norgesbiblioteket, Second Life 
— The Fairytale Forrest, Second Life
2008 Debalie — Centre for Culture and Politics, De Balie Movie Theatre, Amsterdam
2008 Art.xxX.tenxion, IT-Inkubator, Regensburg
—, Second Life
2008 Brooklyn is Watching, Jack the Pelican Presents, New York
— Brooklyn is Watching, Second Life
2008 Crosswire, NIMK—Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam
2008 Voice + + Festival 2008, Open Space, Victoria
2008 Stream On You, IMAL, Bruxelles
 Super-Collider by AngryBeth Shortbread, Exhibit A, Second Life 
— ZKM Youniverse, Second Life
2008 Directors Lounge Berlin, Scala, Berlin 
— ZKM Youniverse, Second Life
—, Second Life
— ANWR, Second Life
2007 Wien Modern 07, Philiale im Gartenbaukino, Wien
2007 iMDa, International Digital Media & Arts Association, Philadelphia
2007 Eslöv Biennal 2007, A Hall, Eslöv
— Virtual Haidplatz, Second Life
— Gazira Babeli's Archive, Second Life
— Clangers Inventions, Second Life 
2007 Opera Populaire, Second Life
2007 Audiospace, Open Space, Victoria
— Virtual Haidplatz, Second Life 
2007 10. Lange Nacht der Museen, Kulturforum am Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
 Art.xxX.tenxion, Stätdische Galerie im Leerer Beutel, Regensburg
— Virtual Haidplatz, Second Life
—, Second Life
2007 PgUp, Notice Gallery, London
— Virtual Haidplatz, Second Life
2007 De Waag Festival, Waag-Society, Amsterdam
—, Second Life

Film: (Machinima)
2008 Orchestral Investigation #9
2009 Heart of Tones (forthcoming)
2010 Rotating Brains / Beating Heart (forthcoming)
Film screenings:
2010 Machinima, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
2010 23. Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Stuttgart 
2009 Spekter, NRKTV (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation)
2009 Gameplay, Itaú Cultural, São Paolo
2008 alt_cph, Fabrikken for Kunst og Design, København

2010 MusicWorks #106 (visions of sound: Avatar Orchestra Metaverse)
2009 Spekter, NRKTV (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Orchestra has had three ongoing cooperations with areas in Second Life; the Odyssey sim, a sim for art and performance run by Sugar Seville / Dynamis; HumLab, a sim which focus is on the intersection between humanities and technologies run by Didge Burroughs / Umeå University; and U21 Global Campus, a sim run by Vixen Wottitz / U21 Global.

Where no sim is noted it is either Odyssey, HumLab, U21 Global Campus, that was the performing sim.